Taking Back Thanksgiving and the Election


            One needn’t look far to conclude that the American notion of  Individualism and pursuit of  Life, Liberty, and Happiness has now shifted to a collectivist, dependent, “what will government do for me” culture rather than the pursuit of  the “American Dream” that requests government get out of the way. This election season has witnessed more than ever the abuse of the perverse “progressive” tax code to make more promises to those with “ less” by taking from hard working Americans who have earned more. The IRS is the weapon of choice to destroy the fabric of American motivation and innovation. We are now at critical mass of welfare receiving voters in a trumped up “class war” struggle that instills envy between the “haves” and “have nots” when it is really between the “haves” and the “have mores.” Elections will be about the conditions of self perpetuation of a welfare class as 40% or more of Americans not paying taxes will freeload off the 60% or less of Americans paying for America.  As long as someone makes a dollar more that someone else there will be socialists like Obama and the rabid anti—American ACORN crowd claiming it evil. If its $200, 000 this year it will be $125, 000 that defines rich in the next election cycle. You will know the damage when poor is $95,000  and rich is $100, 000 per year not because the former earned it but because we lost so much of what America was that government sponsored theft created equal outcomes instead of equal opportunity.

            When you equilibrate the charges across the poles of a battery it has no power and when you redistribute hard earned property from those who work hard to those who didn’t the power of free economy dies and so do the souls and self worth of the recipients and the pillaged. Then everyone is dependent on “Mother State” from cradle to grave. Regarding the Poor, the government’s own data shows 43% of the poor own a home, 75% a car, and 31% two cars, nearly 95% a color TV and 55% two TVs. 60% a stereo and on and on.

            For the college student whose youthful naiveté and compassion are channeled to the “equal outcomes” socialist mentality of leftist professors willing to manipulate embryonic minds know that it will haunt you some day when you may aspire to be something more than someone else less willing to make the effort and the society you gave political birth to will destroy your spirit. If you are the child of a hard working parent who has sacrificed so much to give you the life you have and you vote for Obama and his redistributionist economy you will shorten their retirement, prolong their working years, and plunder the disposable time and income of those who sacrificed for you.            

            We now enter the season of Thanksgiving. Some may know the true history of Plymouth Plantation and the Pilgrims. Their first communal economy of 1620 - 1622, a collectivist economy in which all fruit of labor created according to one’s ability was placed in a common storehouse and used according to one’s need failed. The true Thanksgiving history portrays the resulting plenitude when Governor Bradford parceled (privatized) the land with the decree that individuals produce and trade as they wish. They went from starvation to celebration in just two short years.

            Must we relearn the lessons of hundreds of years of collectivism. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.


Dennis Gabos, M.D